For forty years I wore a uniform. I don’t wear a uniform anymore, but unlike Washington, I’m still ready to roll up my sleeves.

Why is Jerry Running

People want a public servant not a career politician.

Like most people in Northern Michigan, I’m frustrated with politicians in Washington focusing on themselves instead of what’s right for our country.

My entire life has been about service; throughout my professional military and law enforcement careers, and even in my community involvement, I have lived the values of sacrifice and service every day. People have counted on me to step up, serve our community and protect our way of life in Northern Michigan.

I’m ready to answer that call again. I’m ready to step up and go to work – not just go to Washington, but go there and do the hard work of finding solutions to the big problems facing our country, our state and most importantly this district – things like creating jobs, cutting wasteful spending, protecting Medicare & Social Security and getting the middle-class a fair shake.

During my time in the military, from Vietnam to Iraq, I stressed action, results, and accountability. I’ll stress the same things in Washington – finding the common ground and solving problems.

As a Congressman, I will be focused like a laser on three things: doing what’s good for the economy, what’s good for this district and getting the middle class a fair shake.